Road Trip Yoga
Classes take influences from Buddhism and Hinduism as well as from other tribal cultures providing powerful insights to living a life more connected to each other, our energy and the planet.
Classic yoga sequencing, preparation for postures with a general emphasis on breath work and alignment feature in each class. And where possible bringing in additional movements to these postures from kundalini yoga and qi gong that help us connect to the flow of prana, qi (chi) or sami in and around our bodies.
Encouraging us to re-connect to our senses and expand these beyond our physical bodies and back out into the world around us. Skills we use less and less each day in the modern world of turn this on, re-charge that, microwave this, copy and paste that.
Workshops and some classes have drumming, meditation, cleansing and rattling. Including connecting to certain areas of the body (heart intelligence, gut instinct) as well as focusing on elements in nature (earth, water, air, fire, spirit).
Workshops also include themes of journeying to non-ordinary reality (lower, middle and upper worlds). All helping to raise our awareness and bring balance to our lives and bodies.
Various classes throughout the week at The Selsey Centre or on the beach!