Selsey Youth Club

A new youth club in Selsey for ages 9-12. Whether you enjoy games, arts and crafts, sports or just hanging out with friends, we have something for everyone (including a tuck shop!) Contact:The Bridge – 01243 Dream – Selsey | Facebook

ARO Fitness Kickboxing

Aro Fitness kickboxing provide Kickboxing and Martial Arts classes for a healthier and safer way of life. Our classes help you unleash the power of your inner self to fulfil your potential whilst providing you with an education into the world of martial arts. Our classes are also a great way to get fit, lose… Continue reading ARO Fitness Kickboxing

Tao Dragons Martial Arts Academy 陶龍武術研究院

SELF DEFENCE CLASSES AND BEGINNERS COURSES, age 3 upwards. Feel safe and confident with this easy to learn effective system. Unleash your fitness or weight loss potential while learning awesome skills in self defence. Beginners or Experienced welcome.Lessons to suit the customer needs (e.g. to encourage confidence, self-belief or specific training needs) at very reasonable… Continue reading Tao Dragons Martial Arts Academy 陶龍武術研究院

Selsey Taekwon-do

Learn practical, effective self-defence. Selsey School of Taekwon-do is dedicated to the promotion and development of genuine Taekwon-do as laid down by its founder, General Choi Hong Hi. Classes from age 6 to adult. Where: Selsey CentreWhen: Thursdays 7-8pmWho: Ages 6+Fees apply – £5 per session Contact:

Let’s Grow – Kids and Teens yoga, mindfulness and therapies

Classes arranged to suit your requirements. 30-60 minute sessions. Class sizes vary depending on the goal and the age of the children. Please get in touch to discuss. Thursdays 6-7pm, Downview Hall, East Wittering, Ages 11-16Introductory session: Thursday 20th May (donation)Introductory course: Four weeks starting Thursday 27th May (£24 for the course) Benefits of children’s… Continue reading Let’s Grow – Kids and Teens yoga, mindfulness and therapies

Kira Jessop Dance Class

I am a Dance Teacher offering different dance classes for all ages and abilities. All classes are a fun encouraging environment. Come and give it a try! Mondays 3:30-4:30pm – Musical Theatre Club. Ages 5+, £5 per sessionSaturdays 9am-12pm – Dance Classes, all styles. Ages 8+, £12 per sessionAll at Downview Hall, East Wittering Contact:

Mulberry Marine Experiences

We are a SSI SWIM, Snorkel, Freediving, Scuba and Marine Ecology Centre located on the South Coast at Selsey, West Sussex, offering a full range of services including training, equipment sales, boat trips, guided tours, events, rental, equipment servicing, and air fills. You decide where you want your journey to take you. From your first… Continue reading Mulberry Marine Experiences

Chris Williams Dance / Dance Live

Dance classes including stretching/conditioning, jazz, performance technique, contemporary, improvisation, commercial, lyrical, and senior acrobatic arts. Also includes rehearsals for Dance Live, a team dance performance competition offering the opportunity for the young people learn life skills such as: self-confidence, team building, resilience, performance techniques, as well as dance. The event is self is a drug… Continue reading Chris Williams Dance / Dance Live

Witterings Youth Centre

Young people take part in games in the sports hall, with dance and ‘letting off steam’ also available.  They are encouraged to leave their phones behind and socialise in person. Other games such as pool, board games, puzzles, table football and various crafts can be done, accompanied by music and discussion. Meet:  Thursdays 5:00-6:30pm (age… Continue reading Witterings Youth Centre